sdConsortium covers all your needs for a successful business event. Whether you are looking to plan a conference, an exhibition, a meeting or even launch a new product, our company will make sure to fulfill all your desires and needs.

 sdConsortium provides event services on a global level, when you have found the location best suitable for your event, we will make sure to execute all your requirements; throughout our global network of suppliers we can provide efficient and effective services that will exceed your expected outcomes and results of the event.

 sdConsortium lays much emphasis on the satisfaction of the client and the audience of the event. Our unique tailored solutions, provide services that will guarantee interaction and information accuracy on every level. Furthermore, sdConsortium strives to create an environment of professional networking as well as to transparently reflect the clients’ objectives of the event; that's why our event solutions ensure that all of the vital information you need is right at your fingertips in one central location. Forget duplicating tasks; forget time-consuming coordination; forget mistakes.